Know the dangers

The 3D Know The Dangers social media campaign is designed to highlight the most common causes of collisions for motorcyclists.

It comprises eight videos which will be shared on the SSUP Facebook and Twitter pages.

The creation of the resource and campaign is being funded by the Road Safety Trust.

The original Know the Dangers resource is available to download further down the page.

The videos

Non safety messages

The videos have also been produced without the safety messages. These are designed as an educational resource for instructors and trainers to use with learners, who can attempt to identify the dangers without the prompts.

Click here to download the videos and briefing note (213mb zip folder)


A series of infographics have also been produced - summarising the key safety messages in image form.

Click here to download the infographics (PDF).

Original resource

The original Know the Dangers resource is available to download and use free-of-charge.

The resource is available in three formats:

• A full colour series of road layouts with the various riding conflicts clearly illustrated, together with appropriate notes of explanation and advice.
Click here to download

• A Powerpoint presentation of the above scenarios for use in teaching and other presentations.
Click here to download

• A set of road layout diagrams for training use, which give full flexibility for trainers to illustrate rider positioning - riders overtaking moving traffic are at risk.
Click here to download

Resource evaluation

Click here to complete our short campaign survey (external link to Survey Monkey).