Big, bold and bright yellow - the Shiny Side Up Partnership information signs are highly visible at rider crash 'hotspots'.

The signs are placed at sites on popular riding routes where, all too often, fatal and serious crashes occur to bikers.

Our range of warning posters reflect the two main dangers on routes used regularly by riders:

• Crashes on rural roads where bends and open country can tempt bikers to open the throttle just a bit too far;

• And filtering collisions on urban commuting routes where queuing traffic can present a danger to riders from traffic turning or cutting through the queues.

Initially the signs were only used on roads in the East Midlands. However, their success in spreading the message to bikers has prompted other counties across the UK to use the Shiny Side Up signs. They are particularly useful in rural counties where bikers love to ride the open roads.

Crash site

Crash site signs do just what they say: they identify the sites where crashes happen too often. So, bikers beware! Ride to reduce your risk.

Think Bike

Think Bike signs - the message to drivers is clear; look out for two-wheelers! We designed this sign in response to comments from bikers in our survey that drivers often didn’t see them. These signs are placed on busy routes to raise drivers’ awareness of bikers.

To Die For

We use these hard-to-miss signs to remind riders that when you're going out for a blast - which is a passion for some of you - it may turn out to be a passion to die for.

Filter with care

More and more of you are using bikes, mopeds and scooters for commuter journeys. They are cheaper to run, enjoyable to ride, and enable the rider to filter through traffic jams - but in the cut and thrust of rush hour traffic you can easily be missed by other drivers. These signs remind bikers to 'filter with care' in the crush of queuing traffic.