Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)

For anyone wanting to ride a moped or scooter, compulsory basic training (CBT) must be taken (this can be done on a bike up to 50cc from the age of 16 years). Once a rider is aged 17-years, they can take the CBT and ride a bike up to 125cc (on L-plates). The only people who don’t have to do CBT are those who have held a full driving licence before 2001, and who ride a 50cc moped or bike.

CBT is a day-long course split into five sections covering: riding theory, including the Highway Code; basic safety checks; practical advice on caring for your machine; and a session on an off-road training area to get to grips with the basics of starting, stopping, handling and manoeuvres. After that 'want-to-be-riders' will go out on the open road with an instructor.

A CBT lasts for two years. Riders can opt to take a moped theory and practical test, or ride on L-plates for the two years. By the end of that period a rider must either take the moped test, opt for a licence for a bigger bike, or redo the CBT and keep the L-plates on.

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